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You live with someone who shares your name

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

You live with who you are, who you want to be, with who you would like to become. You live alone with yourself. The sooner you understand it, the more beautiful, deeper and more important this life will be. You live with someone you have inside you, someone who knows you better than anyone. Sooner or later you should love the one you live with, because it is someone real, maybe even more real than yourself. Never ignore him. Never forget him. Make peace with him when you argue, don't take offense for too long. Feed him and make him never suffer from thirst. Respect him. Take care of him, how you care for yourself and maybe even more. Remember that your pain is also his pain, but share with him not only the worries of life, but also share joy. Listen carefully when he whispers something, appreciate his advice and blame him for your mistakes. Know yourself. Live so as to understand that someone who shares your name.

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